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Next week, we explore cancer trials, shiatsu, immune health and fatigue after treatment.

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The Resilience Room Clinical Trials
Mon 21st Jun – 10am Clinical Trial Know How for People with Cancer
Guest Speaker Dr Helen Winter, Consultant Oncologist and NIHR Researcher, United Hospitals Bristol and Weston and Clinical Lead, SWAG Cancer Alliance. In this interactive session we will discuss the practicalities, pros and cons of taking part in a clinical trial if you have cancer. Who might be suitable? How can you find out what trials are open to you? What should you consider before signing up? Helen brings a wealth of experience of running clinical trials and looking after patients who are taking part in various research studies. We’ll also hear from people affected by cancer who have been involved with research. Register Now
Your Self-Care Toolbox Shiatsu and Movement
Tues 22nd Jun – 12pm Shiatsu and Movement
We will explore ‘self–shiatsu’, connecting with and stimulating Acupressure points and meridian energy path ways. The practice of self-touch can help with relaxation, a sense of wellbeing and ease in the body. Through the use of Acupressure points and gentle movement exploration we will explore ways to regulate and respond to our own energy, increase body awareness and help with some side effects of cancer treatment. Register Now

Nutrition Know How Immune Health
Weds 23rd Jun – 11am Eating to Support Immune Health
We will look at what we mean by the immune system and the foods and nutrients that can help to support optimal immune health. Guest speaker Sue Judge. Register Now

GenesisCare & Penny Brohn UK Presents Fatigue
Thurs 24th Jun – 7:30pm Fatigue and the long-term effects of cancer treatment
The session will cover how you can use physical activity, nutrition, stress management, mindfulness meditation and complementary therapies to help manage symptoms side effects and build resilience in a way which improves quality of life. Register Now

Online Cancer Treatment Support Treatment Support
Thurs 24th Jun – 9:45am How to use complementary therapies safely alongside treatment
Are you currently having cancer treatment, just about to start or recently finished treatment? If so, our online Treatment Support Clinic could help support you! It’s a small group, with a rolling 4-week programme that aims to help you find ways to manage and reduce side effects of treatment, build resilience and to improve your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Small group numbers provide an opportunity to meet and share with others going through similar experiences.
The four sessions (which can be done consecutively or flexibly) each have a different focus: Helping you keep physically active during treatment Managing anxiety and other difficult emotions Eating well and what to do if eating becomes difficult How to use complementary therapies safely alongside treatment And alongside this is also a space to talk, share and ask questions, as well as an opportunity to do some relaxation and gentle movement. More Information
1-2-1 Telephone Support 1-2-1 Telephone Support
We are taking bookings for Doctor support, Counselling, Nutrition therapy, and Exercise therapy. 0303 3000 118

We believe that everybody should have equal access to the emotional and practical support they need to live life as fully as possible with the impact of cancer. Online, and 1:1 sessions are made possible by your generosity. They are run entirely on donations. We have no set charges, we simply ask you to give what you can – if you can. Make a Donation
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