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Next week, we explore taking supplements, hand & face reflexology and food for fatigue.

A message from our Research and Evaluation Team

Were you diagnosed with cancer in the last 12 months? Would you like to help Penny Brohn by sharing your thoughts and experiences? As part of our ongoing development work we are looking at whether it would be helpful for people with cancer to have support early after diagnosis, before their treatment starts, so that they are as physically and emotionally resilient as possible when they start treatment. We would like to invite you to join us for a group discussion on Zoom on Friday 14th May at 2pm where you’ll have an opportunity to share your thoughts about what support would have helped you. If you aren’t able to, or would prefer not to join the group session we can send you a short anonymous survey to complete instead. To find out more, please email Sarah at and she will send you further information and a link to either join the meeting or complete the survey.

Online Group Sessions

Your Self-Care Toolbox

Mon 10th May – 10am
Taking Supplements Alongside Cancer Treatment
Do’s, Don’ts and Don’t Knows

Debbie Grayson, Pharmacist and Nutritional Therapist and Emma Foreman, Consultant Pharmacist at the Royal Marsden Hospital and co-chair of the British Oncology Pharmacists’ Association join us in the Resiience Room to answer your questions on taking supplements safely with cancer and while on cancer treatments.

Tues 11th May – 12pm
Hand & Face Reflexology
Helena Dawson will guide you in using hand and face reflexology and to work your muscular-skeletal system, promoting relaxation and healing. Helena Dawson has worked with cancer patients since 2015 in a hospital setting, as a volunteer, and with private clients.

Nutrition Know How

Weds 12th May – 11am
Food for Fatigue

Fatigue is a common side effect of cancer and cancer treatment, but simple dietary changes can help to reduce tiredness and improve our energy, vibrancy and sense of wellbeing. We will discuss some of the best foods to include in your diet and ways to use them to create easy meals and snacks. Hosted by Victoria.

Exploring Self-Healing

Tues 11th May – 2pm
Come along to our fortnightly drop-in group, where you can learn tools for self-healing and relaxation. Roz and Michele will lead a restful and restorative experiential session using relaxation and visualisation techniques for self healing. They will be very happy to answer any questions. No experience is necessary!

Online Cancer Treatment Support

Thurs 13th May – 9:45am
Are you having cancer treatment and looking for ways to improve wellbeing and manage side effects?

This four-week programme will help you to:

  • Manage and reduce side effects.
  • Increase the effectiveness of cancer treatment.
  • Build resilience and improve wellbeing.
  • Reduce chances of cancer recurrence or progression.
  • Meet and share with others going through similar experiences.


Have you been affected by cancer as a patient or carer, and would you like to be involved as a trustee at the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) in helping them to accelerate the progress of cancer research?

The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) is a UK-wide partnership between research funders working together to make faster progress against cancer.

Closing date: Sunday 16 May 2021 (midnight).

Please help us to spread the word…

Integrative Oncology UK Conference 2021

We are trying to spread the word amongst oncologists, surgeons, nurses and other cancer healthcare professionals to encourage them to attend the new Integrative Oncology UK 2021 conference that is being held on 15 May 2021.

The conference is chaired Dr Catherine Zollman, the medical lead at Penny Brohn UK with the support of her fellow committee members from the British Society for Integrative Oncology (BSIO).  The goal of the BSIO and the conference is that integrative healthcare should be available and delivered seamlessly to all those whose lives are affected by cancer.

If you know of anyone who might benefit from attending this professional conference we would greatly appreciate it if you can help spread the word.

1-2-1 Telephone Support

We are taking bookings for Doctor support, Counselling, Nutrition therapy, and Exercise therapy.

0303 3000 118

We believe that everybody should have equal access to the emotional and practical support they need to live life as fully as possible with the impact of cancer.

Online, and 1:1 sessions are made possible by your generosity. They are run entirely on donations. We have no set charges, we simply ask you to give what you can – if you can.

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