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Next week, we explore scarwork and back to basics nutrition.
A message from our research and evaluation team

What if cancers could be identified even deep inside the body, without needing a biopsy or any sort of invasive internal probes? What if doctors could do this on-the-spot, get immediate results, and then use the same device to treat any suspicious tumours right there and then, without surgery or rounds of radio or chemotherapy?

A team of researchers, led by scientists at the University of Exeter, are developing a technology that could make this future a reality for people living with cancer. Raman Nanotheranostics (RaNT) is a £5.7 million project developing a new technique, which aims to detect and treat cancers – even those deep inside the body – non-invasively, using tiny, specially designed gold particles and infra-red laser light.

A short video on the RaNT homepage introduces the vision for this pioneering procedure.

The RaNT team needs to hear your thoughts on the proposed procedure:
What works and what concerns you? If RaNT was available during your healthcare journey, how might it have changed YOUR experience of cancer care? They want to understand what is important to you and how RaNT can support this.

Help them take this research beyond the lab:

Contact Dr Ryan Edginton (RaNT Communities Engagement Manager) at and let him know you’d like a say in how this ground-breaking research progresses.
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The Resilience Room
ScarWork and Acupuncture in Cancer – How Can They Help?

Mon 5th Jul – 10am

ScarWork and acupuncture for consequences of cancer and its treatments, and an introduction to researching complementary therapies. With Beverley de Valois PhD, Acupuncturist, ScarWork therapist and Complementary Medicine in Researcher at the Lynda Jackson Cancer Centre, Mount Vernon Hospital.

In this session Beverley will present research on a novel touch-based therapy that can help with scarring after surgery or radiotherapy and speak about her many years of using and researching the effects of acupuncture to help manage symptoms and improve quality of life after a cancer diagnosis.
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Eating Well with Cancer
Eating Well
Tues 6th Jul – 3pm
An introductory session that looks at the evidence for the role of diet and nutrition in cancer and recommendations for eating well with a cancer diagnosis. Led by: Nicky Robinson, Nutrition Lead, Penny Brohn UK. MSc Nutritional Therapy, BANT, CNHC.
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Nutrition Know How
back to basics
Back to Basics Nutrition
Weds 7th Jul – 11am

Tips and tricks to making eating well easy and enjoyable with Victoria.
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Exploring Self-Healing
Tues 6th July – 2pm
Roz and Michele will lead a restful and restorative experiential session using relaxation and visualisation techniques for self healing. They will be thrilled to answer questions. No experience is necessary! Register Now

1-2-1 Telephone Support
1-2-1 Telephone Support
We are taking bookings for Doctor support, Counselling, Nutrition therapy, and Exercise therapy. 0303 3000 118 We believe that everybody should have equal access to the emotional and practical support they need to live life as fully as possible with the impact of cancer.

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