Vicky Angear North Somerset Times Published: September 14, 2021

A North Somerset school has suffered ‘catastrophic’ flood damage and is now closed to staff and pupils for the next two weeks.

The roof at Ravenswood School, in Nailsea, was being replaced, but the heavy rainfall on Thursday caused a number of classrooms to flood.

The special school, in Pound Lane, is currently closed to pupils and staff and students are learning at home.

Staff are ‘devastated’ by the damage which has affected a number of the buildings including the sensory room and arts department.

Headteacher Mark Senior said: “North Somerset Council had identified in June that the schools roof needed replacing, this worked started over the summer holidays and was due to finish in October.

“The rain that occurred on Thursday resulted in a significate amount of water running into the school, causing damage to the primary classrooms, post-16 buildings and the main school.

“Thankfully, the staff acted quickly, turning off the electric and making sure all pupils were safe.”