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Social Media Workshop with The Social Detail

The Social Detail: making inclusive marketing the industry standard.

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Course Tutor: Joyann Boyce
Inclusive marketing Consultant, Founder of The Social Detail

Pronouns: she/her/hers

The Social Detail’s founder, Joy works with SMEs to utilize technology and increase brand awareness through social media. Under her leadership, The Social Detail had worked with various organizations including the Bristol City Council, Adobe XD, SETsquared and Future Space. An avid advocate of diversity and inclusion, Joy has partnered with SHIFT to create diverse stock photography, useful for inclusive social marketing strategies. A self-proclaimed software addict, she enjoys conversations around social media, tech and her favourite podcasts.

Social Media Strategy Workshop

Date and Time: 23 March 2021, 7pm to 9pm
Venue: via Zoom

Limited places available: please email us

An interactive workshop covering the core elements to build your social media strategy. You will leave this workshop with clear action points to reach your target audience and the tools you need to achieve these goals.

The topics covered within the sessions are:

  • Customer persona/s
  • Social media goals and how to achieve success
  • Social media calendar and scheduling tool / Content creation and making it inclusive
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn analytics / Facebook boosted post and analytics
  • Defining your social media brand
  • Your unique approach
  • Setting objectives
  • Network & content strategy
  • Identifying & finding audiences
  • A process for listening & engagement
  • Choosing the right channels
  • Building a content calendar
  • Maximising team skills and responsibilities
  • Evaluation and reporting

The Social Detail is to take care of all social media marketing needs, freeing teams up to focus on the day-to-day. The highly skilled marketing professionals at The Social Detail have one task; to deliver inclusive and effective social media strategy, management and training.

The social actions you take, whether they are aimed at attracting customers and clients or simply interacting with your target audience, should align with your overall company goals. Sometimes, it can be difficult to see this connection, this is where The Social Detail comes in. It is our mission to help you and your company take full advantage of social media with inclusive marketing at the heart of all strategies we develop.