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Nearly 40,000 households in North Somerset have now signed up to the new annual chargeable garden waste collection service.

From Monday (24 May) only addresses which have signed up to the new service will have their garden waste collected.

Crews will not empty garden waste bins from addresses which haven’t signed up.

You can still sign up for the garden waste service at any time.

The service costs £50 per bin (for a maximum of two bins) for collections until 31 March next year.

If you receive a discount on your council tax, the same percentage of discount will be automatically applied.

Permits are being posted out to anyone who has signed up in the last two weeks.

Crews have an electronic record of all confirmed addresses, including recent sign-ups which have not yet received their permit.

More than 600 new garden waste customers who needed a new bin delivery have now received their containers.

More bins and sacks are being delivered over the next few weeks for those who signed up after 16 April. It can take 28 days for a bin to be delivered.

Alternatively, home composting is the cheapest and most environmentally-friendly way to manage garden waste.

You can order a discounted compost bin, made from 100 per cent recycled plastic, for just £10 from the council.

You could also take your garden waste to one of our three recycling centres free of charge.