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Wed 9 Jun 2021 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM BST



Welcome to the North Somerset Wellbeing Collective. If you haven’t heard of us already, we are a group of people working across North Somerset, who care about the health and wellbeing of everyone who lives here.

Over the last year, during lockdown we have been developing new ways of being together using the digital environment, in collaboration with I Am. We Are. CoLab. We have been imagining what might be possible if we brought together participatory leadership and wellbeing practises, with people, in the community, who work with and represent different aspects of the systems in the area that we live in.

We are inviting individuals from; community groups, statutory health providers, local authority and Voluntary, Community, Faith & Social enterprise (VSFSE) sector organisations and companies that work within North Somerset to a conversation and an experience. We hope to bring what we are learning around how to connect more deeply in these times, in order to work in a new way together, to find a bigger story which makes change possible.

Over the last few weeks we have hosted four storytelling and framing sessions which have invited our wider community into a way of working which begins to soften the boundary between how we present ourselves in a work context and how we are in the rest of our lives Our hope is that in doing this we can open up to new approaches to how we support health and wellbeing in our communities.

In June, we are inviting 200 people from across North Somerset to join us to share personal and collective stories and perspectives on health and wellbeing in our lives, our sector and across the area at this time.

We are inviting you to share this opportunity to hear and explore the many different lenses through which we all approach our work and lives. This way we can develop a clearer understanding, together, of what we are noticing in our communities. In the process of doing this we will be learning some new techniques, which include the whole person, the whole community and the whole system. We will work with the principle that systems are living and growing.

This invitation is the beginning of a process where we can discover ways of working and being together which might be new to us all and which are grounded in many years of practise. This method of working is underpinned by the Art of Hosting, a global participatory leadership practise, introduced here by I Am. We Are. CoLab.

The outcome of our session is likely to be unexpected. You may not necessarily read this invitation and understand how we are going to work. In fact it might all seem a little elusive and unknown. We invite you to trust us and the process we have been on and join us in an adventure. And with your trust and participation we will discover some new things that are useful along the way. At the very least you will meet some people, share stories and leave feeling open, connected and most likely curious.

We look forward to gathering with you.


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