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We are the North Somerset Wellbeing Collective and if you haven’t heard of us already, we are a group of local people working in strategic roles across North Somerset, who care about the health and wellbeing of every citizen.

Over the last year, during lockdown we have been developing new ways of being together in a digital environment in collaboration with I Am. We Are. CoLab. We have been imagining what might be possible if we brought together participatory leadership practises alongside people in the community who are representing different aspects of the systems that make up our place. We are inviting Individuals, community groups, statutory health providers and Voluntary, Community, Faith & Social enterprise (VSFSE) sector organisations and companies that work within North Somerset who all hold improving health and wellbeing of citizens at the heart of what they do.

We would like to invite you to one of a series of online Framing and Storytelling Sessions that we are hosting in May in preparation for a larger online Gathering in June. The Gathering aims to bring together 200 people who represent all aspects of our whole community. Our hope is that this would begin a process of imagining how we can support the forming of a wide network of people who care about and are working towards improved health and wellbeing outcomes across the whole system. We aim to achieve this through learning together and sharing ideas for collaborative working practises that use processes to empower us to deepen relationships and collectively midwife a new culture.

The four Framing and Storytelling sessions in May will begin the process of introducing ourselves to each other, discovering common ground, sharing some stories of our experience of the last year and learning some new skills which we can take into our everyday lives.

This is an opportunity for you to experience how we work and to participate in a different way of meeting online collectively. There will be room for reflection and collective sense making as you hear different voices and experiences from across the collective and develop a bigger picture of what people are feeling within the field of wellbeing in and across North Somerset.

We would like it to be as accessible as possible and to enable lots of you to attend. You could join from your home, office or workplace or you could attend by dialing in from a phone – you could be outside on a walk or anywhere as long as you are able to access via data or wifi and be focused on the call. We would love to see you via video if at all possible as we will be sharing in small groups as well as with the whole group.

This will definitely be a participatory call and at various points in the call you will be in small group conversations, ideally with your video on. We will not be talking at you (much) and you will be sharing in small groups for some of the time. We will check-in, invite you to participate and share some small things about how you are coming to our call and the context of your working world. Please bring with you whatever you need to feel comfortable, this could be drinks, snacks, slippers, a blanket.

This is a beginning of a series of relationships which enhance our ability to be well together, collectively. We hope that you will enjoy your framing and storytelling experiences and are able to take away with you some of your shared learning experiences into your future work.

Framing and Storytelling Session are being hosted by North Somerset Wellbeing Collective and I Am. We Are. during May.

Tuesday 4th May 9.30-11.30

Wednesday 12th May 9.30-11.30

Wednesday 19th May 6-8pm

Wednesday 26th May 1-3pm

Please book your ticket for the session that best suits your availability to be able to embrace, enjoy and fully partake in the experience. You can join multiple times if you would like to connect with a wider community.

The North Somerset Wellbeing Collective is a collaboration of independent groups who all share the common goal of improving the health and wellbeing of citizens. We are keen to keep this process of gathering as a collective as inclusive and accessible as possible for everyone. The Wellbeing Collective is a not-for-profit CIC, supported through Voluntary Action North Somerset (VANS), and will not be taking income from attendees for attending the Gathering or the Framing Sessions, however if you or your organisation would like to make a donation towards the cost of the hosting these events it will be very gratefully received.

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I Am. We Are.
are a collective of Art of Hosting practitioners and friends who co-create experiences that connect us to ourselves, each other and the wider world we live in. As a team, we learn and grow together through exploration, play, and practice. And offer back out to the world the quality of depth and meaning that this allows us to host for ourselves and others.

Our work is multiplicitous. We work with: clients, organisations, communities, and collectives to design and deliver events and interventions, host and support networks, design and deliver trainings and leadership programmes, and more. We work online, in-person, locally, regionally, and internationally.

Our commitment is to deliver the best possible work and create experiences which change the perception of what is possible, especially now in this time of increasing online work. So if you are looking for support to create amazing digital experiences that transcend the virtual spaces and cultivate the very best of our human interaction and connection, then please get in touch or view more our story at


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