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Covid restrictions are easing next week but we’re asking you all to continue doing what you can to keep yourself and loved ones safe. The pandemic is still ongoing and case numbers continue to rise so we’re encouraging everyone to keep wearing face coverings when inside and to make space where you can, despite legal requirements for both ending. We still need to work together to limit the spread and we don’t want our hard work to be in vain. While some may be eager for things to get back to normal, we also need to be considerate to those who feel more anxious.

This month you can have your say on the long-awaited Banwell bypass, as the first public consultation on the scheme is now live.

A big public inquiry also starts next week into our decision to refuse Bristol Airport’s expansion plans. Watch events unfold online.

The current hot weather is set to remain until next week so keep an eye on more vulnerable people who might not appreciate the heat.
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