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São Gonçalo de Lagos 27 de Outubro – sedesantosepuros

São Gonçalo de Lagos (Bl Gonçalo of Lagos, Gonzalo) (c1350-1422). Feast Day for the Portuguese Confessor who was born Lagos in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. He joined the Augustinians in Lisbon in 1380 and served in various Portuguese houses as a preacher, prior and skilled copier of liturgical books. His community at Torres Vedras thirty miles north of Lisbon was so poor that the local bishop had to provide it with food which the Prior would carry home on his back until the Bishop became aware of the situation and started to provide Gonzalo with money instead of provisions. Gonzalo died at Torres Vedras on 18 October 1422 and his long-standing cult was approved by Pope Pius VI in 1778. His body now rests in the cathedral at Faro. A bronze statue of Gonçalo de Lagos was created in 2001 on a pier at the entrance to Lagos harbour by Tolentino Abegoaria (Tolentino de Lagos), the Portuguese designer, sculptor and painter. Gonçalo is patron of Lagos. Image: sedesantosepuros.wordpress.com.

Saint Odran (452) - Catholicism.org

St Odran (Oran, Odhrán, Otteran, Otteranus) (d548) Feast Day for the first Irish martyr, a noble descendent of King Conall Gulban and without sin, who lived for over 40 years in Silvermines, County Tipperary, building a church there in 520. He served as Abbot of Tyfarnham in Meath and founded another abbey at Latteragh in County Tipperary. Odran died in 548 and St Columba later said that devils and angels fought over Odran’s soul before it ascended into heaven. Columba may have translated Odran’s relics to Iona, as he is reputed to be the first Christian to be buried on that island. St Oran’s Well, Oranmore, County Galway and St Oran’s Chapel, Iona were named for Odran. The well bears the date of AD 548 but the placename is more likely derived from fuarán (spring), not Oran. An Aer Lingus Boeing 757 was named St Otteran-Odhrán. Venerated in Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican and other Churches. Patron of Silvermines parish. Odran was chosen by the Norsemen as patron of the city of Waterford in 1096 and later chosen as patron of the diocese. Image: catholicism.org.

Saint Abban

St Abban (Abbán moccu Corbmaic, Eibbán, Moabba, Abbanus) (d620). Feast Day commemorating the death of the Irish Abbot and missionary, the son of King Cormac of Leinster and the nephew of St Ibar. Abban founded many churches in the old district of Ui Cennselaigh (modern Ferns, County Wexford). His main monastery was Magheranoidhe two miles from the centre of Dublin, attributed in some records to another Abban, he of New Ross. Abban of Magheranoidhe is also associated with Kill-Abban Abbey in Leinster, where he served as Abbot until he died there in 620. He is revered in Adamstown (Abbanstown) ten miles west of Dublin. In the Martyrology of Tallaght, the Félire Óengusso and the Martyrology of Gorman, Abbán has two Feast Days: 16 March and 27 October, which is identified in the Lives as the date of his death. John Colgan and Ó Cléirigh’s Martyrology of Donegal only mention Abbán for 16 March. Image: spark.adobe.com.

Prayer O God, Who in Your kindness called Your servant blessed Odran to the following of Christ, grant through his intercession that we may hold fast to You with all our hearts. Through our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen