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Francis Borgia, SJ

San Francisco Borgia (St Francis Borgia SJ, Francesc de Borja) (1510-72). Franciscan old General Roman Calendar celebration of Valencian Grandee of Spain, the Fourth Duke of Gandía who was the son of the Archbishop of Zaragoza, grandson of King Ferdinand II of Aragon, great-grandson of Pope Alexander VI and Viceroy of Catalonia. A pious child, he wished to become a monk but his family sent him to the court of Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor and King Charles I of Spain, where he distinguished himself as a diplomat and accompanied the Emperor on several campaigns. He married the Portuguese noblewoman Leonor de Castro Mello y Meneses and they had 8 children. After the death of his wife, he gave up his Dukedom to become a Jesuit priest, starting as a servant, becoming a humble confessor, and using his professional talents and abilities in the service of his Order and of the Church to become the third Superior General of the Society of Jesus, sending missionaries all over the world. Borgia composed contrapuntal ecclesiastical music, making him. in the Sixteenth Century and before Palestrina, one of the chief restorers of sacred music. His brother, Tomás de Borja y Castro, became Bishop of Málaga and later the Archbishop of Zaragoza. Francis Borgia died on 30 September 1572 in Rome. Venerated in Catholic Church with 30 September Feast to commemorate his death. Major shrine to which his relics were translated in 1901 is the Jesuit church in Madrid. Patron of Portugal, Gandía, Rota, Marianas, against earthquakes. Image: manresa-sj.org.

Massie L. Kennard III - REMAX Action - Home | Facebook

Massie L Kennard (1918-86). Lutheran and 1988 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Commemoration, as one of the innovators of the church, of the death of the Chicago African-American pastor ordained in 1958 and the secretary to the 1962 Lutheran Church in America’s Board of American Missions. He was a major figure in championing ethnic and racial inclusiveness. Kennard served the church in various positions, including director for Minority Concerns of the Division for Mission in North America, was the pastor of two Lutheran congregations, and in 1972 became the director for special need ministries. In 1977, he was appointed director for racial/ethnic ministries, a position he held until his 10 October 1986 death in Chicago. Image: facebook.com.

Prayer We are in awe of the dangers faced and the bravery and commitment shown by heroes of the faith. Thank you, Lord, for people like Pastor Kennard who are an inspiration. We need more people like him in the world today. May we recruit them to achieve racial and ethnic justice for all. Amen

Battle of Khotyn (1621) - Wikipedia

Battle of Chocim (Battle of Khotyn, Hotin Muharebesi). Commemoration of the claimed Roman Catholic Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth victory in the 2 September to 9 October 1621 battle near Khotyn (in the present-day Ukraine ) of the 1620-21 Moldavian Magnate Wars and Polish-Ottoman War. 25,000 troops with 4,800 Lithuanian infantry, 3,500 Lithuanian cavalry and 20,000 Cossacks faced an invading Islamic Ottoman Imperial army led by Sultan Osman II with over 120,000 Ottomans and Tatars (Tartars), and 13,000 Moldavian and Eastern Orthodox Wallachian troops. With losses of 14,000 Polish-Lithuanians and 40,000 of their own forces, the Ottomans abandoned the siege they had mounted and the battle concluded in stalemate, as reflected in the treaty that was signed, where some sections favour the Ottomans whilst others favour the Commonwealth. Image: en.wikipedia.org.