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Gandhi Jayanti 2021 in India

Gandhi Jayanti. Indian national holiday on Ashvina 10, 2078 in the twelfth lunar month of thirty days in the Hindu lunar calendar, when Hindus celebrate the 1869 CE Porbandar birthday of Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Gandhi Ji), the lawyer, anti-colonialist and political ethicist who is commonly referred to as the Father of the Nation (Bapu, father, papa). He was the driving force behind the foundation of the state of India. His birthday is celebrated with services, prayers and painting and essay contests on topics that glorify peace and non-violence and there is the singing of Gandhi’s favourite devotional song, Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram (Ram Dhun). Some Indians thought that Gandhi had favoured the political demands of British India’s Muslims during the partition of India of 1947 and Nathuram Godse, a Hindu nationalist and former right-wing Hindu paramilitary volunteer, assassinated him on his way to address a prayer meeting in New Delhi on 30 January 1948 by firing three bullets from a pistol at point-blank range into Gandhi’s chest. Godse was sentenced to death and hanged in the Ambala Central Jail on 15 November 1949. International Day of Nonviolence. Image: time.astrosage.com.

The Guardian Angels

Feast Of The Holy Guardian Angels (Santos Ángeles Custodias). Annual Catholic Church Memorial of the important rôle in Sacred Scripture that angels play as messengers of God. The belief that each person has a guardian angel watching over them is an extension of that rôle, reminding us of God’s never-failing providence over the earth. In some places, the Feast is observed on the first Sunday in September with the permission of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. Catholics first set up altars in honour of guardian angels as early as the Fourth Century and local celebrations of a feast in their honour go back to the Eleventh Century. The feast is also observed by some Anglo-Catholics within the Anglican Communion and most churches of the Continuing Anglican movement. The 1908 Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments (Congregatio de Cultu Divino et Disciplina Sacramentorum) is the congregation of the Roman Curia that handles most affairs relating to the liturgical practices of the Latin Church, as distinct from the Eastern Catholic Churches, and also some technical matters relating to the sacraments. Its functions were originally exercised by the 1588 Sacred Congregation of Rites. Image: catholicnewsagency.com.

Neighbourhood Prayer Network | My 2021 Prayer

Neighbourhood Prayer Network (NPN). This Christian organisation was launched at the National Day of Prayer and Worship in Wembley Stadium on the 29 September 2012. It prays for thousands of the UK’s 260,000 streets, hundreds of thousands of our houses and over a million people. There are prayers each day, with caring each Week and sharing with members such as the North Somerset Faith, Community and Cultural Forum each month. Representing Christians who stand in Faith and Not Fear, the NPN does not focus on the present news-saturated situation but keeps its eyes focused on Jesus. It recommends setting up a group for one’s street either on WhatsApp, Facebook or by SMS Text or ‘phone, recognising that not everyone is connected to the Internet and so possibly requiring the implementation of two systems, one a social media group and another by SMS or ‘phone. Daily contacts cover checking for symptoms of coronavirus, arranging medical attention if necessary with prescription delivery, and ensuring sufficient food availability with Foodbank referral as necessary. To celebrate NPN’s ninth anniversary, there is at www.petersbrook.com a short half-price sale of all NPN resources, including Prayer Request Cards, Father Love letters, the A Mile with Jesus Prayer Guide, the Community Prayer Diary and books. Church packs are included. Image: neighbourhoodprayernetwork.com.

Prayer Heavenly Father, we pray for Your protection and deliverance from the coronavirus and that anyone infected would be healed. We ask for Your wisdom for healthcare professionals and the leaders of government. Lord, let the spread of coronavirus stop in Jesus’ name. Amen