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What I’ve been up to this month
John calls for greater transparency over Lobbying
John joins Julia Hartley-Brewer on TalkRadio to discuss why the Lobbying Act needs updating 
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Let’s support our local businesses and shop local!
Lockdown gave online retail a huge push forward and no-one really knows how we will use High Streets from now on. Will we rush back to bricks and mortar town centre shops, or not?
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Culture Recovery cash boost for Weston-based organisations
John has joined celebrities in welcoming Culture Recovery cash for Weston-based organisations that have received significant funding to continue entertaining and educating locally
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John welcomes new anti-corruption sanctions, but says there’s still more to do…
John welcomes the promised new anti-corruption sanctions as a vital step in the fight against dirty money, but says there’s still more to do.… 
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Something we think is impor​tant, but you may have missed…
Could ‘Power To The People’ fix Uphill Slipway?
Too often, I get reminders that the water near Uphill Slipway has been classified as ‘poor’. They’re usually from ‘Surfers Against Sewage’, although I doubt any of us has ever seen anyone surfing a breaker near the marina! But they’re still making an important point…
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