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It’s been a busy month, with progress on some newly-emerging local issues as well as an ‘old chestnut’ too.

The old chestnut is the Banwell Bypass, which is making progress after many decades of false starts and rumours. You can find my full article about it below but, in short, there’s millions of Government cash to make it happen, a deadline of 2024 to get it done, and the Council has now appointed contractors to design and build it. I think I might need to lie down…….!

There’s been really welcome news about Churchill School buses from a few villages like Sandford and Winscombe, where the Council’s suggestions for an alternative walking route struck many parents as dangerous and unsafe. After a strong local campaign that included parents and Councillor Ann Harley as well, the Council u-turned and the buses will continue until Easter 2022 at least.

Speaking of safety, I was contacted by Guide Dogs UK about ‘tactile paving’ (or rather, the lack of it) at Weston-super-Mare and Weston Milton train stations. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s the bobbly paving that tells people with sight loss that they’re getting near the edge of the platform. It’s a simple and practical answer to make things safer, and I’m pleased Network Rail have promised they’ll install it here. The problem is the date for the works, which seems to be running even slower than the 8:02 to Temple Meads, but we’ll work on that! 

What else? Well there’s a pot of cash from Historic England to boost Weston High Street’s post-covid recovery with more arts and culture, and lots more too. Just scroll down to find out!

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What I’ve been up to this month Council U-Turn on school transport thanks to people power!

John has welcomed North Somerset Council’s letter confirming a u-turn to continue providing buses for Churchill School students until at least Easter 2022 as a victory for local people-power and for Councillor Ann Harley, who has been working with John closely to represent local concerns. Read more

John Calls For Safer Stations for Blind and Partially Sighted People

Weston’s MP has called for improved safety for blind and partially sighted people at Weston-super-Mare and Weston Milton train stations, after discussions with Guide Dogs UK. Read more

Historic England Grant For Weston’s High Street

John has welcomed a new grant of almost £120,000 for Weston High Street’s Heritage Action Zone from Historic England. The money will be put towards a unique three-year project designing and placing ‘21st Century super Shrines’, with the aim of creating ‘a sense of shared values… Read more

This time the bypass is REALLY happening

Some things come round so regularly they’re practically traditions. England batting collapses. Terrible weather on bank holidays. And frustrated comments from motorists stuck in traffic that what Banwell really needs is a Bypass…  Read more

Something we think is impor​tant, but you may have missed…

Giving PM’s Adviser on Ministerial Code power to do independent investigations would help make our democracy more robust

John says that giving the Prime Minister’s Adviser on Ministerial Code (Lord Geidt) the power to do independent investigations would help make our democracy more robust and our politicians more trusted… Read more

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