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Inter Faith Week takes place this year from Sunday 14 to Sunday 21 November.

It is a tremendous platform to learn more about different faiths and beliefs and the communities that follow those; highlight the contribution of faith communities to society; encourage understanding about and between different faith and belief groups; and encourage inter faith cooperation.

It’s a Week for everyone – young and old and of different faiths and beliefs, including non-religious beliefs.  Activities benefit those who take part; they also send a strong message that good inter faith relations in the UK matter and that there is appreciation of people’s faiths and beliefs and how those inspire them to contribute to the community and live well together.

The 150 days point is a great time to start thinking about events and other activities you might hold. 

The Inter Faith Week 2021 poster Holding Inter Faith Week activities COVID-19 restrictions have been gradually easing, and it is hoped that before too much longer in person activities may again be possible. What last year taught us, however, was the amazing potential of online communication – so even if concerns about distancing point to using digital ways to mark the Week, that can have real impact.

The flyer points to a number of the kinds of activity you might hold – but every participating organisation will of course do whatever works best for their context.  You can find a range of ideas for organisations of different kinds at: Social media and branding Please use #Interfaithweek on posts about the Week, tagging @ifweek on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  The logo and other branding materials can be found at   Contacts If you would like to discuss your ideas with one of the team, you can contact us on 020 7730 0410 or by emailing  

Harriet Crabtree OBE
Executive Director
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Notes The Inter Faith Week website carries information about events and about the Week more generally.   Photographs available on request. Inter Faith Week is a programme of the Inter Faith Network for the UK (IFN), a charity which has been working since 1987 to promote mutual respect and understanding between the faith communities of the UK.  It works with the Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum and the Inter-faith Council for Wales/ Cyngor Rhyngffydd Cymru in relation to the Week in those nations.  Local inter faith groups in the UK can be found using the locator tool on the IFN website at Inter Faith Week has its own Twitter account and Facebook page and is on Instagram at Social media users are encouraged to use the hashtag #InterFaithWeek in tweets and posts about the Week, as well as to post photos, quotes and ideas linked to the Week. Inter Faith Week was established in England and Wales in 2009, and in Northern Ireland in 2010. Scottish Interfaith Week has taken place since 2004 and is led by Interfaith Scotland ( It has its own dedicated website at This year it runs from 31 October to 7 November. Its theme is ‘Together for our Planet’, linked to the COP26 summit in Glasgow. The last day of Inter Faith Week is also Mitzvah Day ( Each year, many ‘Inter Faith Mitzvah Day’ activities take place to jointly mark Inter Faith Week and Mitzvah Day. 

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