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Lynn Collingbourne, Ark Consultancy

Our consultation to develop our new Housing Strategy is now open and we would like to hear from you. This is a chance for everyone with an interest in housing in North Somerset to contribute their ideas and feedback about housing related challenges and options.

There will be four online stakeholder workshops aimed at different aspects of housing, as follows:

  • 5th October AM  Housing Related Support Workshop        
  • 5th October PM  Supported Accommodation Workshop
  • 12th October AM Existing Housing Stock Workshop
  • 12th October PM New Housing Supply Workshop

If you would like to be invited to one or more of these events, please email the event organiser, Lynn Collingbourne of Ark Consultancy.

Her email address

Alternatively, you can access the Draft strategy consultation and let us know what you think by going to to read the draft and provide your feedback. The draft is our starting point for developing our strategy and we very much look forward to hearing your views.