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Multi Faith Education Programme – a series of monthly studies of the Network’s diverse faiths

1 February Imbolc St Brigid of Kildare St Perpetua

2 February Candlemas Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria Gabriel the New Martyr of Constantinople

3 February The Synaxis of Symeon the God-Receiver and the Holy Prophetess Anna St Blaise St Nicholas St Werburga of Mercia

4 February Sant’Agata San Giuseppe di Leonissa Isidore of Pelusium

5 February Jacob, patriarch St Buo of Ireland Sts Indract and Dominica of Glastonbury

6 February St Ilyan of Homs St Paul Miki St Dorothy

7 February Feast of Dominion St Richard, King of Wessex Luke of Mount Stirion

8 February St Zechariah St Josephine Margaret Bakhita St Ælfflæd of Whitby

9 February St Apollonia of Alexandria Meru Trayodashi Our Lady of the Bells

10 February San José Sánchez Del Río Silas, Apostle Nostra Signora delle Colombe

11 February St Paschal St Jonas Our Lady of Lourdes

12 February Chinese New Year Santa Eulàlia de Barcelona St Æthelwold

13 February Sts Priscilla and Aquila St Dyfnog Notre-Dame de Pellevoisin

14 February San Valentino Άγιοι Κύριλλος και Μεθόδιος St Conran of Orkney

15 February Parinirvana Day Clean Monday Revd Dr Thomas Bray

16 February Shrove Tuesday Saraswati Puja Sts Philemon and Onesimus

17 February Ash Wednesday St Finan of Iona and Lindisfarne Janani Luwum, Martyr

18 February Spring Showers Martin Luther OSA St Colman of Lindisfarne and Mayo

19 February St Philothei of Athens St Odhrán of Ireland San Álvaro de Córdoba

20 February St Bolcan of Derken Sts Francisco and Jacinta Sadok the Bishop and the 128 other Martyrs of Persia

21 February Rohini Vrat St John Henry Newman Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee

22 February Feast of the Chair of St Peter, Apostle Máel Brigte mac Tornáin St Raynerius of Beaulieu

23 February St Polycarp the Holy Martyr and Bishop of Smyrna St Boswell of Melrose Our Lady of Rocks

24 February St Matthias Apostle Cumméne Find The Procession of Pope St Gregory with Painting of Our Lady by St Luke

25 February Ayyám-i-Há St Wallburgha of Devon Fast of Esther

26 February Purim Chinese Lantern Festival St Robert of Newminster

27 February Comte de Saint Germain St Raphael of Brooklyn St Anne Line

28 February St Hilary, Pope Sunday of  the Prodigal Son St Oswald