Digital inclusion and the ability to connect with others online is an issue for many sectors of society. COVID-19 has brought this into sharp focus.

BME/BAME Communities, who are under particular and well documented pressures, are made doubly vulnerable by digital isolation.

Supporting the vital work of BME/BAME organisations is more important than ever and digital inclusion and connectivity are at the core of the Network’s vision for 2021.

Our WordPress Courses have now started. Course Materials are available online. Course
This is for sites hosted by
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WordPress Content Management
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Newsletter Marketing Workshop
10 March, 7pm to 8.30pm
(Limited places available)

Brand Strategy Workshop
16 March, 7pm to 8.30pm
(Limited places available)

Social Media Strategy Workshop
23 March, 7pm to 9pm
(Limited places available)

Recovery after COVID-19

We are grateful to the National Lottery Community Fund for providing us with the funding to get started, and for making it possible for us to offer a range of digital training courses to help local BME/BAME groups continue to provide essential support to their communities. Training opportunities will include website building, Zoom, social media and mailing list management.

See above for courses in progress. Email us for more information

Building self-sufficiency

Training provides an excellent start but self-sufficiency requires a supportive and sustainable environment for ongoing digital learning. Self-organising peer support groups are common throughout the tech community and the NS BME Network will be seeking to work with those with existing skills to establish a volunteer led support group for BME/BAME Groups.

Click here if you would like to help establish a peer support group.

Under-representation in the Tech sector

Tech offers a range of well-paid employment opportunities and there is a skills shortage. However, BME/BAME communities are seriously under represented in the tech community. Tech is a growth area in the South West and the Network will be seeking to partner with organisations to support skills development and routes to employment.

Click here if you would like to partner on a skills development project.