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There’s been absolutely loads going on this month. We’ve had votes on Foreign Aid; stuff that really matters to how well your bank treats you (Open Banking) but you’ve probably never heard of; steps towards cutting red tape without compromising quality standards and, closer to home, a chance for local people to have their say about the route of the Banwell bypass too.
The Banwell bypass route doesn’t only matter to people in Banwell, of course. Local residents in Sandford, Churchill and Winscombe have all been writing to me asking how we can make sure Banwell’s traffic problems are solved, rather than just shifted a few miles down the road into neighbouring villages instead.
I took it up with the Council, asking them to look at everything from speed-reducing chicanes, cycles lanes, better pavements (there’s none next to Sandford village Hall, for example) and even de-priming the entire road. 
They’ve promised to address the entire issue in the consultation they’re holding about the Bypass route, alongside other important concerns over things like wildlife habitats as well. The consultation runs from now to 16th August so now’s the time to make sure the Council gets the message loud and clear. You can submit your ideas and suggestions by clicking here. Let’s make sure local voices are heard!

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What I’ve been up to this month

John asks PM whether he supports his 1-in, 2-out idea
John asks the Boris Johnson whether he supports his ideas for a strong 1-in, 2-out regulation regime to give the UK a big post-Brexit better regulation dividend. Read more

The Times: Low-paid workers are the biggest victims of modern monopolies
This article covers John’s recent policy paper and his idea that competition is the dynamism that drives productivity. … Read more

John asks the Minister about Open Banking independence
John asks the Minister what discussions he has had with the Competition and Markets Authority on the independence of Open Banking?. Read more

CAPX: Is the traditional Tory belief in free enterprise leaving the station?
The new Plan for Rail starts really well, by invoking the buccaneering, entrepreneurial early days of Britain’s railways when the ‘iron web’, invented in this country in 1825, spread across the earth, transforming everything and everywhere it touched. …  Read more

Something we think is impor​tant, but you may have missed…

John receives confirmation Foreign Aid Budget will be fully restored as soon as UK finances are back to normal
After raising concerns about the temporary reduction in the Foreign Aid Budget, John received confirmation from senior Ministers that the Government remains committed to the 0.7% figure and that it will be restored as soon as UK finances are back to normal… Read more

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