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We have some amazing courses for amazing people, please see the links to find out more. You can apply online via the links if you have anyone that it would help.

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Brian Howe Recruitment Manager Employment Services
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Engineering and Manufacturing, EAL Certificate | Weston College

Fabrication & Welding, EAL Diploma | Weston College

Welding Skills Introduction, EAL Certificate | Weston College

Machining, EAL Diploma | Weston College

Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD), Certificate | Weston College

Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD), Award | Weston College

Parametric Modelling, Award | Weston College

Parametric Modelling, Award | Weston College


Your course may be FREE if you live in the South West of England (including the West of England Combined Authority) and:

  • You are defined as being unemployed.
  • You are employed, or self-employed, and earn less than £17,374.50 annual gross salary or less than £18,525.00 (West of England Combined Authority postcodes).
  • If you are 19-23 (all postcodes) or 50+ (West of England Combined Authority postcodes only) and do not hold a full Level 2 qualification.

If you do not meet the above criteria there are also co-funding options, please contact us below or via the Live Chat (during office hours), to discuss your circumstances.